About Us!

About Us!

Mom (left) and I (right) smiling at Monticello in the summer. Mom is holding both a coffee and and Root beer. Hello there! We are Zoe and Kim. A mother daughter duo and the faces behind Peas and Macaroni!

Born in Philadelphia and raised around the kitchen, food has always been our family’s love language. All of life’s greatest events, saddest moments, and everything in between, have taken place around a fabulous meal. That’s just what we do.

Since I can remember, mom always cooked. It was a rare event that we ordered food out. We definitely were not one of those families that did “Friday Night Pizza” each week or “picked something up” on the way home. Cooking was something she loved to do and something we never turned down (because it was always so good)! Mom worked both a full and part time job along with going to school and still, she dedicated herself to getting dinner on the table every. single. night! She taught me things along the way but it wasn’t until I was in high school that I really started to experiment and learn.

When I turned 16, my parents bought me a car with one condition attached…I was in charge of cooking dinner! It did not matter what it was as long as it was ready when my parents got home. This was where things changed for me. This is where my passion for cooking grew. My friends would come over on the weekends and, unlike normal high-schoolers, I would make the big batches of Chicken Parmesan. Taco nights became a fiesta with every topping and side you could imagine on the table. Cooking was fun and it still is!

Fast forward and not much has changed. We live in different states and sometimes go months without seeing each other, but we still find ourselves sending each other delicious recipes and face-timing each other asking “whats for dinner?”. Whatever diet we may be on or food experimenting we may be doing, we refuse to give up flavor. Regardless of how healthy something is or if it is the newest trendiest ingredient… IF IT AIN’T GOT FLAVOR, WE AIN’T GONNA EAT IT! That’s what we want to bring to you! Delicious Ingredients + Endless Flavor = Fabulous Recipes

Mom (right) and I (left) smiling during a summertime carnival