Pecan Turtle Candies

Pecan Turtle Candies
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When I think about Pecan Turtle Candies, one question comes to mind each time -what is there not to love about pecans, caramel and chocolate? That question is obviously rhetorical but the correct answer is nothing. There is nothing not to love about those three delectable things. Put them all together and you have yourself an irresistible treat. Ask Miguel…he just ate three while I was typing this.

I initially set out to make these for Easter. I figured that there isn’t much more a person could ask for in their Easter Basket than homemade candies. Plus I feel like Easter is the season for chocolate! But the more I thought about it, pecan turtle candies could be made for any occasion. They are really simple to make, take minimal ingredients and you can dress em up or dress em down!

Pecan Turtle Candies made up of clusters of golden brown pecans topped with melted caramel and dark chocolate  placed randomly on a piece of white parchment. White flakey sea salt tops each candy

I decided to keep these candies simple by using the caramel melts that are sold at the store. You can obviously make your own caramel if you please but its really not necessary! They taste just as delicious with the store bought melts, scouts honor. To dress them up, you can top them with some flaky sea salt or colored sprinkles for whatever holiday or occasion you are making them for. Or you can leave them plain. Either way your guests will be lined up for seconds (or in Miguel’s case, thirds).


The first this I will warn you about is that the caramel hardens quickly so you need to work fast. I started by putting out the pecans in clusters on a parchment lined baking sheet. I did clusters of 3 but honestly, whatever floats your boat. Not a nutty person, use two or one. Think the nuts are the best part, use 4 or 5. Either way get you clusters ready for their caramel bath.

Once that’s done, melt the caramel bits in a saucepan over low heat on the stovetop. Make sure to keep a careful eye because I would hate for you to have burnt caramel. It would just ruin your candies!

When completely melted, top each cluster with a dollop of caramel. This is where you want to work quickly. Off the stove, the caramel will cool quickly and harden.

Now that your caramel and pecans have become acquainted, melt dark chocolate (my preference, but you can always use milk chocolate or semi sweet if thats what you’re into). Again, drop by the dollop on top of the caramel. You don’t need to worry about working so fast this time, the chocolate takes way longer to harden than the caramel.

While the chocolate is cooling is when you want to add toppings if you’re using them. If you wait too long the chocolate will harden completely and your toppings will just slide right off. I topped mine with flakey sea salt because I thought it gave it that extra UMPH but to each his own.

The three amigos have joined forces and you can now put them in the fridge to become solid unit.You’ll have a hard time waiting for them to cool but trust me its worth it. Nothing is better than biting into the turtle candy and being able to taste each layer of flavor individually while tasting them together at the same time…OH SO COMPLEX!

Clusters of golden brown pecans topped with melted caramel and dark chocolate make up Pecan Turtle Candies. They are placed randomly on a white round plate. White flakey sea salt tops each candy

But thats it. It’s as easy as that. Minimal ingredients. Top of the line flavor. Homemade candy that your friends and family won’t be able to pass up.

Pecan Turtle Candies

Course: Dessert
Keyword: Baking, candy, caramel, chocolate, dessert, Holiday


  • 1 bag Pecan Halves 16 oz bag
  • 6 oz caramel melts
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 6 oz chocolate chips I used dark chocolate


  • On a parchment lined baking sheet, arrange your pecan clusters. I used three pecans in each of my clusters but feel free to use more or less depending on your taste
  • Add caramel melts to a saucepan over low heat. Add in the water and stir while the caramel melts and combines with the water
  • Once completely melted and smooth, work quickly to place a dollop of caramel on each nut cluster
  • Next, add chocolate to a microwave safe bowl. heat the chocolate in 30 second intervals until completely melted and smooth.
  • Add a dollop of chocolate to each of the clusters right on top of the caramel.
  • While still wet, sprinkle with flakey sea salt or sprinkles if you chose
  • Place the candies in the fridge to cool completely.
  • Enjoy!


  1. You could totally make your own caramel if you wanted but I wanted to make these quick and easy. 
  2. Use your favorite chocolate. Dark, White, Milk, Spicy whatever kind of chocolate floats your boat. 

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